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Workholding Operation of CNC Gantry Drilling Machine

This article will introduce the advantages and characteristics of CNC gantry drills and the design, operation and maintenance methods of CNC gantry drilling machine workpiece fixtures from four aspects, for your reference, CNC gantry drilling machines are mainly used in chemical industry, construction, drainage, petroleum, refrigeration, plumbing , electric power, aerospace and other industries, widely used.

Advantages of CNC gantry drilling machine

  1. Adapt to multi-purpose automatic machine tool equipment
    Flexible and versatile, it can adapt to automatic machine tools for processing workpieces of different shapes.
  2. High machining accuracy improves product quality and enterprise competitiveness
    CNC machining can avoid the error of manual operation, and the CNC gantry drill can also use software for precision correction and compensation, which greatly improves the product quality.
  3. Large amount of punching and drilling, high production efficiency
    The time required for high production efficiency parts processing includes maneuver time and auxiliary time.
  4. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator
    There is no need to carry out heavy and repetitive manual operations, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity.

CNC gantry drilling machine workpiece fixture operation

  1. First install the spool and handle with gears on the base, and then install the support nails on the base. At the same time, connect the drill template and the base with screws and cylindrical pins, then install the support nails on the drill template, and shake the handle to place the workpiece on the support nails of the base.
  2. After matching the drill sleeve and the drill sleeve with a bushing, after aligning with the hole on the workpiece, clamp it on the drill template with screws.
  3. Place the workpiece on the clamping body, locate it with a positioning bush, and clamp the workpiece during screw clamping.
  4. Carry out the drilling operation on the workpiece. After the end, loosen all the screw clamps, shake the handle to loosen the positioning drill sleeve, and then take out the workpiece.
    I hope the introduction of this article can help you to learn more about CNC gantry drilling machines. If you have any needs, you can contact us. Thank you for reading.

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