The Difference Between CNC Drilling Machine And CNC Milling Machine

1. In terms of rigidity

The drilling machine only bears a large vertical force and a small lateral force,

The milling machine requires good rigidity, because the milling force not only has a large vertical force, but also bears a large lateral force.

2. Structurally speaking

Most drilling machines only need to feed vertically;

The milling machine not only needs to feed vertically, but the most important thing is to feed vertically and horizontally in the horizontal direction.

Drilling machine refers to equipment that mainly uses drill bits to drill holes in workpieces. Under normal circumstances, the rotation of the drill bit is the main motion, and the axial movement of the drill press is the feed motion. The entire structure of the drilling machine is relatively simple, and the machining accuracy is very low. It can perform operations such as through holes and blind holes on the workpiece. In addition, it can perform tool replacement by itself, and can perform processing procedures such as hole expansion and tapping.

A milling machine is a machine tool that uses a milling cutter to process the plane of a workpiece. In addition to processing the plane of the workpiece, the milling machine can also process grooves, gears

It can also be processed. In addition, the milling machine can also process workpieces with more complex shapes. If you want to use a drill instead of a milling machine for processing, you can

First make a fixture to position the workpiece, and in addition, drill a hole on the spindle of the drilling machine to fix the milling cutter.

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