The Cause of The Vibration of The CNC Angle Punching Machine Feeding Trolley

In the CNC angle steel production line that has been used for many years, does the feeding trolley stop there and vibrate back and forth? So, what is the reason for the angle steel line CNC trolley to swing back and forth?

The large gear shaft driven by the trolley is severely worn, and the meshing gap between the large gear and the rack is too large. Adjust the gap between the gear shaft and the rack.
The semi-circular fixing piece that fixes the gear shaft, the inside is too dirty, clean it with kerosene.
If you have tried both of the above two, and the CNC angle steel wire trolley still swings back and forth, then the large gear shaft needs to be replaced. After all, the 24-hour non-stop work must also cause a lot of wear and tear. It depends on the adjustment of the eccentric bearing. The volume is no longer able to compensate for the gap.
In addition, there is another phenomenon that you should pay attention to, that is, after each angle steel is dried, the trolley clamp of the angle steel wire will automatically withdraw from the main machine, then lift it up, and then return to the loading position. But sometimes there is a phenomenon that the molybdenum clamp does not retreat after being lifted. Generally speaking, this kind of problem
First of all, everyone should check whether the lifting and lowering of the clamp is fast and the impact is large, which will cause the car to shake with the lifting and falling movements, lose its original stop position, and exceed the range of precision. value, so that the next instruction cannot be executed, and the CNC trolley of the CNC angle steel line cannot continue to run.
The simplest solution is to increase the setting value of the positioning accuracy of the X-axis in the parameters a little bit, even if the CNC angle steel production line trolley shakes and does not exceed the accuracy range, then continuing to retreat will be smooth.
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