Testing the Roll Forming Machine缩略图

Testing the Roll Forming Machine

The roll forming machine ordered by the Brazilian customer is being commissioned

The customer wants to process the roof corrugated sheet, we customize a roll forming machine that is very suitable for him according to his needs, this machine will improve the efficiency of his work.

Testing the Roll Forming Machine插图
Testing the Roll Forming Machine插图1


  • The shaft diameter is very thick, to ensure its service life; And the roll shaft replacement operation is simple, can meet
    different needs.
  • Gear and other key parts are all equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of machines and workers at all times.
  • We have gear transmission, reducer transmission and other transmission modes, can meet your different needs, according to your requirements to customize the most suitable for your machine.
  • The production line is equipped with palletizing machine, which can automatically discharge material, saving time and effort.
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