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Structural Steel Drilling Machine – H Beam CNC Drilling Machine

H steel is a commonly used profile in steel structure, construction, bridge, three-dimensional garage and other industries. The drilling method of H steel is now high-speed and high-efficiency. The H-shaped steel CNC three-dimensional drilling machine is now the medium-shaped steel drilling process in the steel structure industry. Main CNC equipment.

H-beam CNC three-dimensional drilling machine is mainly composed of bed, CNC sliding table, drilling headstock, beam, side pressing device, aerosol cooling, hydraulic system, PLC control system, chip conveyor, and so on.

The rigid box-type gantry structure is adopted, based on the bed, the gantry straddles the bed and is fastened with bolts, so that the force-bearing node is changed from the multi-point support of the frame-type combined structure to the surface connection between the boxes, thus Improved the accuracy and stability of the high-speed H Beam Drilling Line.

BHD1250 High Speed CNC 3D Drilling Machine (With ATC)
Ritec H Beam Drilling Line

Features of Ritec CNC 3D Drilling Machine for Beam

1. High stability with high speed: The whole machine is optimized integrated design, with high quality casting machine body and drilling units, which ensure high stability and high rigidity when high speed drilling.

2. Adopts high-speed precision spindle from Taiwan’s well-known brand, model BT, which can meet the using demand of both hard alloy and high-speed steel drill. Every CNC axes are guided by the heavy loading roller linear guide, driven by the servo motor and roller screw which ensure the rigidity and positional accuracy.

3. With the trolley conveyor system and surface detector which realize the accurate positioning, ensure the processing precision.

4. Installed 3 inline type tool magazine, which realize the automatic tool change, also meet the demand of drilling multiple diameter’s hole. Oil spray and air spray cooling, has inner cooling and outer cooling efficacy.

5. The CNC control system is the FAGOR or SIMENS. Strong anti-interference, high precision, because of the digital communication, thus overcome the defect of easy be interference in traditional pulse analog transmission.

6. In order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and stability of transmission system, electrical system, hydraulic system, all the key components are from international famous brand.

Gantry mobile Beam Steel CNC drilling machine

Ritec Gantry mobile Beam Steel CNC drilling machine is mainly used for three-sided drilling of large-sized H-beams or box beams. It adopts the method of fixing the workpiece to move the gantry. It has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and stable precision, and can be widely used in buildings and bridges. , Tower and other industries.


Gantry mobile H Beam Steel CNC Drilling Machine structural features:

1. Gantry mobile H Beam Steel CNC Drilling Machine is mainly composed of bed, gantry, spindle box, electrical control system, hydraulic system, cooling chip removal system, detection system and other parts.

2. Gantry mobile Beam Steel CNC Drilling Machine adopts the form of gantry movement and fixed worktable, which can reduce the length of the bed and save the floor space.

3. The gantry motion (X axis) is guided by linear roller guide rails, driven by AC servo motor and low backlash rack and pinion pair. The movement (U, V, W) of the gantry beam and the upper slides of the two columns is guided by linear ball guide rails, driven by AC servo motors and lead screws. The feeding motion of each drilling head (axis 1, 2, and 3) is guided by linear ball guides, driven by AC servo motors and lead screws.

4. The spindle box adopts the CNC feed drilling power head produced by our company.

5. There is a flat chain chip conveyor at the lower part of the gantry mobile Beam Steel Drill Lines, and the chip conveyor is equipped with a water pump and a cooling liquid filter circulation device.

6. The hydraulic system is mainly used for the positioning and locking of the X-axis and the balance of the power heads on both sides.

7. It is controlled by PLC and equipped with a host computer. The workpiece is input and stored through the computer, and the operation is convenient.

Gantry mobile H Beam Steel CNC Drilling Machine product advantages:

1. The workpiece is processed in the way of fixed gantry movement, which has high processing efficiency and stable precision.

2. The three sides of large-sized H-beam or box beam can be drilled.

3. Can realize direct conversion of CAD/CAM, thus eliminating the tedious operation of programming and input. The processing program is automatically generated, which truly realizes the paperless processing of the equipment.

4. The gantry mobile H Beam Steel CNC Drilling Machine is equipped with ball screw pair, linear guide rail pair, electrical parts, servo motor, frequency converter, etc., with few startup failures.

CNC H Beam Drilling Machine Maintenance

1. Appearance

Clean the H Steel Drilling Machine, guide rails, feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, cutting device, drilling host. Clean up the work area. To achieve clean inside and outside, no rust, clean and tidy surrounding environment.

2. Control transmission

Check the technical condition of each part, tighten the loose parts, and adjust the fitting clearance. Check interlocks, safety devices. Make the drive sound normal and safe.

3. Hydraulic lubrication

Clean the oil line, dust-proof felt, oil filter, add oil or change oil in the oil tank, and reach 1/2 of the oil window.

4.Check the hydraulic system

Keep the Beam Drilling Machine oil clean, smooth, no leakage, no abrasion. Adjust the hydraulic pump to 5.5Mpa, and the low pressure safety valve to 6.5Mpa. Actuate each cylinder in turn and maintain the pressure for 5 seconds to check for oil leakage. Adjust the power head pressure to 2.5Mpa and the pressure measuring cylinder to 3Mpa. The hydraulic oil in the system should be completely replaced every 2000 hours of movement.

5. Electrical system

Wipe the surface of the motor and the snakeskin pipe, check the insulation and grounding, to achieve completeness, cleanliness and reliability.

6. Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator, the pressure should be 3-3.2Mpa to achieve no leakage.

7. Check the wear and fixation of H Beam Drilling Line fans and air ducts, and replace them in time if they are damaged.

8. Pneumatic system

The working pressure is between 05.-0.8MPa, neither too high nor too low.

9. Check whether the dust removal pipeline is leaking

Whether the filter bag in the dust collector is dusty or broken, if found, please replace and clean it in time.

10. Check whether the air line connected to each cylinder is leaking.

11. Whether the signal light on the console is working normally, if there is an alarm, it should be repaired in time.

12. Run at low speed to check whether the transmission, lubrication

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