Special CNC Punching Marking Shearing Line For Channel Steel

Special CNC Punching Marking Shearing Line for Channel Steel

CNC channel steel punching marking shearing machine is the most advanced CNC processing production equipment, which is favored in the steel structure processing industry. It is mainly used for secondary processing and production of channel steel in bridges, buildings, pipe galleries, mining machinery, glass curtain walls and other industries. It has practical functions such as automatic marking, three-sided punching, and shearing.

CNC channel steel punching machine usually consists of a feeding device, a feeding channel, a CNC feeding trolley, a typewriter, a movable CNC punching machine for the left wing, a CNC punching machine for the right wing, a CNC punching machine for the abdomen, a shearing machine, It is composed of discharge channel, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical system and so on. The process flow of the production line is as follows: the feeding device transports the channel steel to the feeding channel→manually assists the manipulator of the CNC feeding trolley to clamp the channel steel→the end of the channel steel is positioned→typing with a typewriter→punching with two wing surface CNC punching machines→ Abdominal CNC punching machine punching → shearing machine cutting → manual control of the discharge channel to turn over and unload.

Special CNC Punching Marking Shearing Line for Channel Steel插图

Through the mutual cooperation of each processing unit of the three-sided punching machine, the automatic marking, punching and shearing processing of channel steel can be completed.

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