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Some Main Functions of CNC High Speed Drilling Machine

There are many functions of CNC high-speed drilling machine. The following are some common functions.

  1. The plan view of the high-speed drill barrel reduces the length of the bed and saves the total area of the barrel drill. Structurally reinforced high-speed drill further improves bending stiffness of lathe

2. The high-speed drilling machine , slide rail and worm pair all solve the gap, with excellent response and high precision level.

3. The AC servo motor drives the synchronous belt and the high-precision large-pitch ball screw pair to drive each with the cylinder drill to ensure high-precision work.

4. The CNC high-speed drilling equipment are respectively determined on 4 horizontal double rockers, each group includes 3 drilling machine spindles, and the distance between the 3 drilling spindles is 310-360mm.

5. When the high-speed drill touches the quick release of the product workpiece, it can automatically switch to working forward; after drilling through the product workpiece, it can automatically switch to fast backward to complete the automatic tool feeding cycle system.

6. The taper hole of the machine tool spindle is of Morse No. 5 finish, equipped with Morse 5/4 size head sleeve specification, which can be assembled with twist drills with relatively large apertures.

7. The plan view of the CNC drilling machine can be actually operated by the electronic handwheel. When the first hole sets the cutting position, you can quickly enter → enter during work → quickly return to the program flow. Cylinder drill.

8. The CNC high-speed drill is equipped with a tablet chain-type automatic chip conveyor and a chip collector. After the chip conveyor collects, the refrigerant can be recycled.

9. The high-precision motion pair has a fully automatic air intake system, such as CNC high-speed drilling high-precision linear slide rail pair, high-precision ball screw pair, worm pair, etc.

10. The X axis of the large and medium plan drill is equipped with a stainless steel plate protective cover, and both sides of the Y axis are equipped with a soft protective cover. Moisture-proof baffles are assembled around the operating table.

11. Large and medium-sized floor plan drills with CNC high-speed drill lighting fixtures are beneficial to observation and actual operation.

12. The high-speed drill is equipped with 4 punching hydraulic oil pumps, and along with the movement of the punching rotary table group, it provides steam pressure for the tool movement of the machine tool spindle.

13. The high-speed drill is assembled on the gantry and can be moved vertically with the gantry, and the actual operation is convenient.

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