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Ritech HP103 CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Marking Machine

Product Industry:

Hydraulic Plate Punching Marking Machine is used for punching and marking the connecting plate of iron tower industry, and for punching and typing the metal plate of other industries.

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Product Features:

Ritech HP103 CNC Hydraulic Punching Marking Machine body is C type steel plate welded structure, good rigidity, large operating space. The machine is equipped with three modes (including a typing station), mode switching automatically. Clamp system can be suitable for different thickness of the workpiece, with a reference zero block, the workpiece is supported by the ball table. X axis and Y axis run by servo motor and ball screw drive, by the double axis CNC system control punching position, the whole processing process automatically, the operator input the workpiece program into the computer, can be repeatedly called later.

1. The use of NUMERICAL control technology, servo motor feed, perfect, stable accuracy of the workpiece.

2. Main functional parts adopt modular assembly, convenient maintenance.

3. Punching and typing can be realized on the same board.

4. Easy to program, can read CAD drawings, also can use lofting software generated by the program.

5. With fault self-diagnosis function.

6. X and Y axis drive adopt servo motor + ball screw + linear guide rail, higher accuracy.

Technical Parameters:

ModelHP103HPD103 (With Drilling)
Punching Force(KN)10001000
Marking Force(KN)800800
Work thickness Range (mm)6-255-25
Max. work piece length (mm)1500*8001500*800
The dies position number34
Max.Punching Diameter (mm)2626
Minimum distance between the hole and parts edge (mm)2525
Feeding Speed of Drilling(mm/min.)20-200
Drilling Spindle Rotation Speed120-560
Character No.1010
Drilling spindle stroke(mm)—-180
Character size (mm)14×10X1914 x 10 x19

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