CNC Hydraulic Plate Steel Structure Marking and Punching Machine

Ritec HP103, HPD103 CNC hydraulic punching machines are mainly used for punching and typing processes of 5mm-25mm medium-thick metal plates. and are fully automated. It consists of main frame, x, y axis table, hydraulic system, electrical control system, drilling unit (for HPD103), etc.

Application Of CNC Plate Punching Machine

The cnc plate punching machine used for high efficiency punching on the connecting plates which used widely in bridge, angle steel and steel structure industries etc.

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Video of CNC Punching Machine for Steel Plate


Technical Parameters Of CNC Steel Plate Punching Machine

We are a professional R&D and manufacturer of CNC connecting plate punching machines with 22 years of experience in R&D and improvement. We can provide customized CNC connecting plate punching machines according to the requirements of users. If you have good opinions on the products, welcome to communicate with us and make progress together.

ModelHP103HPD103(With Drilling)
Punching Force(KN)10001000
Marking Force(KN)800800
Work thickness Range (mm)6-255-25
Max. work piece length (mm)1500*8001500*800
The dies position number34
Max.Punching Diameter (mm)2626
Minimum distance between the hole and parts edge (mm)2525
Feeding Speed of Drilling(mm/min.)20-200
Drilling Spindle Rotation Speed120-560
Character No.1010
Drilling spindle stroke(mm)—-180
Character size (mm)14×10X1914 x 10 x19


CNC Hydraulic Steel Plate Punching Machine Features

1.The machine frame is made by c open type steel plate welding, with good rigidity and enough handling space.

2.The machine sets three die- stations (two punching, one marking) automatic switching die stations. Clamping system can be adaped to diffierent workpiece, with reference block, and workpiece supported by rolling-ball working table.

3.X & Y axis action controlled by servo motor and ball-screw driving and PLC, control the position of punching, to make the machine running automatically. The program just input to the PLC, can work on the workpiece directly.

4.Adopt CNC technology, servo motor feeding system, with high efficiency and precision.

5.Achieve punching, marking and drilling functions on same plate.

6.Easy programming, CAD software, can read TEKLA lofting software files, such as NC1 format.

7.HPD series have four die statins(two punching, one marking, one drilling) can be replced easily, don’t need make many samples and lineation suitable for the different holes requirement.

8.With self-diagnosis failure function.

steel drilling macine application

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