Notes On The Use of Band Sawing Machine

  1. Operators must receive pre-job training before taking the post, qualified before taking the post.
  2. The operator had better not wear gloves, wear slippers and long hair, to prevent involvement in the machine.
  1. The operator shall check whether the machine is running normally and ensure that there is no abnormal phenomenon before operation.
    After all debugging is normal, sawing can be done. Press the safety switch with the right hand, press the start switch with the right thumb, and the saw blade starts to run. Press the handle slowly with the hand, and release the blade evenly.
  2. It must be used within the designed function range of the machine, and no practical objects are allowed.
  3. Do not use the saw blade that is not sharp
    Seven, in the sawing process, do not change speed, must first turn off the spindle motor, until the spindle completely stops rotating before changing speed, so as to avoid the motor or spindle internal gear abnormal operation caused by damage. Eight, check whether the locking handle of the rotary seat has been locked, whether the positioning screw has been locked, start the motor, slow speed trial knife is smooth.
    Ix. Every day, the sawdust on the forceps should be cleaned and greased.
    Ten, in order to ensure the service life of the saw blade, when the new saw blade saw the first three cuts, it is required to slow down the speed of operation.
  4. When replacing the saw blade, first turn the locking screw of the saw blade counterclockwise, remove the saw washer, and then replace the new saw blade. At this time, it should be noted that the direction of the saw must be consistent with the arrow indicated by the direction of the saw blade placed on the cutter cover, otherwise it can not be cut. After the device is completed, restore the original state according to the reverse procedure, spend the machine, check whether the saw blade is swinging, and the saw can be cut after normal operation.

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