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Introduction to Cut to Length Line

Cut-to-length Line is used for uncoiling, leveling, sizing, cutting into flat sheets of required length and stacking metal coils. It is suitable for cut-to-length cross-cutting operations for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and various metal materials after surface coating.

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Cut to Length Line Categories

1. According to the thickness of the cross-cutting plate, it is divided into Cut to Length Line of thin plate (processing thickness 0.1-3.0mm) and thick plate cross-cutting line (processing thickness of 3.0-6.0mm).

2. According to the longitudinal shear metal material, it can be divided into copper tape Cut to Length Line, stainless steel Cut to Length Line, cold plate Cut to Length Line, silicon steel Cut to Length Line, tinplate Cut to Length Line.

3. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into fully automatic Cut to Length Line and semi-automatic Cut to Length Line.

Cut to Length Line Structure Composition

Cut to Length production line is mainly composed of feeding trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, feeding mechanism, shearing machine, conveying device, stacking device, etc. A slitting machine can be configured in the production line to cut the sheets into required widths, cut them to length and stack them. It is a high-performance product integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics.

High degree of automation, simple and reliable operation.

High fixed-length precision, high sheet flatness, and neat stacking.

Cut to Length Machine Debugging Process

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The commissioning of the Cut to Length Machine is more chaotic than the foil winding machine, the production cycle is relatively long, there are more parts than the foil winding machine, and the assembly is also somewhat difficult. Therefore, the debugging of the device is also confusing. The equipment is divided into several parts, and when the equipment is installed, the function of each part and the local control that is prone to failure are still very thorough.

Cut-to-length Lines are not as complete as foil-wound machines, or assembled from many tissues. This makes it easy to install, remove and transport. Here is a detailed introduction to device installation. The equipment must be lifted before it can be transported to the customer. The crane must be selected according to the tonnage of the equipment. It is forbidden to use small tonnage cranes and cranes, otherwise there will be danger! For other unspecified local lifts, equipment rings or specified local lifts must not be selected. To avoid threats to personal safety or damage to important parts. Especially when the main body is hoisted, the inclination angle exceeds 10°.

Advantages of Cut to length processing line

1. Steel Coil CNC Cut to length production line can complete the automatic production of laminated straight seam iron filings;

2. Cutting power: imported servo control technology is used, with fast speed, low noise and long life;

3. Feeding power: instead of AC synchronous servo motor, it has the characteristics of fast response speed, high positioning accuracy, low noise, small braking transmission and long service life;

4. Track positioning: choose the screw linear guide guide for positioning, and the dial adjustment and positioning is quick and convenient;

5. Motion control: instead of PLC controller, wiring is reduced, the reliability, stability and real-time performance of the system are improved, and remote control and fault diagnosis can be carried out, which greatly shortens the protection time and reduces the cost;

6. Mold: The mold made of alloy steel has the characteristics of small shear burr, long mold life and short protection time. The mold manufacturing process is based on high-speed mold processing, which is particularly convenient for protection, disassembly and grinding, thereby reducing labor intensity;

7. Lifetime guarantee: The standard parts of Cut to Length Machine (linear guides, ball screws, various bearings) are locally famous high-quality parts, and the basic parts are processed and installed with high precision, thus prolonging the replacement of equipment. The mold can process 5 million pieces at a time.

Cut to length line Cut to length line Operation steps

1. The first is to turn on the power, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start,

This way you can hear the oil pump turning. (The machine does not move at this time).

2. What must be paid attention to when cutting the sheet is the adjustment of the gap, which is generally located on the side of the machine.

Adjust the gap according to 12%~15% of the sheet, and the gap value can be read out on the dial. (For example, when cutting 10mm sheet, the gap can be adjusted to 0.12mm).

3. The rear gauge adjustment generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning. You can first use the electric adjustment to adjust the approximate size and manually fine-tune it to the position you need to cut.

4. Step on the foot switch until the sheet material cutting section is loosening, otherwise it will lift up automatically if it is released in the middle.

Cut to Length Line Operating Procedures

In order to maintain the accuracy of the Cut to length line, prolong its service life, and ensure the safety of people and equipment, the following safety operating procedures must be strictly observed during operation:

1. Work clothes should be neatly dressed, and female workers should wear work caps.

2. Before driving, it is necessary to check whether the handle and running part of the machine tool are normal.

3. The material should be straightened, clamped, and checked whether the leveling and straightening equipment is turned on simultaneously.

4. After the material is installed, the center should be measured to check whether the hole distance is correct.

5. Must stop and shift. When the machine tool is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the material with your hands, and you cannot touch the mold and the motor with your hands.

6. Items such as cut to length machine guide rails and molds are strictly prohibited from work, measuring tools and gloves.

7. Do not leave the machine after starting the machine, and concentrate on the operation.

8. When getting off work, clean the machine tool, organize the site, and cut off the power supply of the machine tool. Lubricate machine gears.

9. In the process of processing, if you find that the machine tool operates abnormally or malfunctions, you should immediately cut off the power supply, diagnose the malfunction or notify the manufacturer.

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