bimetal band sawing blade

How to Replace the Band Sawing Blade?

Ritec Machinery is a professional manufacturer of h-beam band sawing machines. We introduce high-quality raw materials and adopt strict heat treatment processes to make the M42 bimetal band saw blades, M51 bimetal band saw blades and carbide band saw blades tough. Sharp, wear-resistant and durable strap, has a long service life.
The bimetallic band saw blade has excellent cutting performance, stable quality, and wide practicability. It can be used according to the work
Choose the appropriate band saw blade according to the nature of the parts, and it can be matched with various types of band saw machines. When the band saw blade is worn out, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the band saw machine. So, how to replace the band saw blade?
Step 1: Open the saw blade guard of the saw machine, and loosen the saw blade relaxation screw.
Step 2: Open the saw blade fastening card, press the saw blade down at the same time, take it out from the limit card, pay attention
Serrations don’t hurt fingers.
Step 3: The saw blade at another position is also removed from the limit card, and the saw teeth should not hurt the fingers.
Step 4: Loosen the relaxation screw to the maximum distance to facilitate removal of the saw blade.
Step 5: The saw blade is taken out from the two transmission wheels.
Ritec has an internationally advanced machining production line. The band sawing machines of various specifications are durable and have good sawing effects, which have won the trust and recognition of many customers.

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