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How to Ensure the Drilling Accuracy of CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Tube sheets are widely used in tube-and-tube heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, large central air-conditioning and other industries, so the precision of tube sheet processing, especially the tube-hole spacing and tube diameter tolerance, verticality, and smoothness are more demanding. If it is higher, how does the CNC drilling machine ensure the processing degree of the tube sheet?
The traditional hole processing method is a fitter marking a line and a radial drill drilling a hole. With the enlargement of chemical containers, the diameter of the tube sheet is also increasing, and the thickness is gradually thickening. The processing of the tube sheet is also introduced into the numerical control technology, and the numerical control drilling machine is widely used for hole processing. The use of CNC drilling machines for high-efficiency and high-precision hole processing has gradually been accepted by some large enterprises.
In fact, one of the main problems restricting tube sheet processing is equipment. In the traditional tube sheet processing, the radial drill is the main equipment. Due to its manual operation characteristics, the operation method is relatively fixed, and it is difficult to tap potential. Although the rate can be improved by means of drilling jigs, etc., it cannot solve the fundamental problem. Only by finding a solution from the equipment can we fundamentally solve the problem. Multi-axis CNC drilling machines have been widely used in foreign pipe hole processing, and radial drills are no longer used. CNC plane drilling machines can replace manual marking and drilling, which can greatly improve processing accuracy and efficiency. So how does the CNC drilling machine ensure the machining accuracy of the tube sheet?
Using BT50 precision spindle
The spindle of the power head adopts BT50 internally cooled rigid precision spindle, which can use carbide internally cooled tools with high precision and high efficiency. The spindle is driven by a high-power spindle motor with a spindle speed of 30~3000r/min and a wide range of speed.
High-strength cast iron bed and workbench
The bed, workbench, and power head are made of resin-shaped high-strength cast iron and reasonable reinforcement structure, which has good rigidity and stability.
Optimal design after finite element analysis calculation
The optimized design after finite element analysis and calculation improves the rigidity of the machine tool so that the machine tool can not only perform drilling but also milling and rigid tapping.
Adopt German Siemens 828D CNC system
The CNC system adopts German Siemens 828D system, and is equipped with RS232 interface and LCD liquid crystal display. The drilling coordinates can realize the direct conversion of CAD/CAM, and it is equipped with the function of preview and re-inspection before drilling, and the operation is very convenient. Roller screw
The screw adopts Taiwan Shangyin ball screw, which has long service life, high speed, high precision, high efficiency, low friction, less input power and no axial clearance.
Silver rail
The high-precision design of Shangyin guide rail is easy to install, with high rigidity and super-heavy load capacity all around, and has the advantages of high-precision and stable operation.
The use of high-quality accessories for CNC drilling machines has made a qualitative leap in tube sheet processing technology. Greatly improved machining accuracy and production efficiency. Because of its high efficiency, the work that could only be completed in a month before can be completed in a few days now. The bottleneck of tube sheet processing in the whole production process is completely eliminated.

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