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How To Choose a CNC Plate Drilling Machine (II)

3 Choose according to the size of the plate
It is determined according to the size of the processed plate. You can choose dual-workbench mobile equipment to increase the utilization rate of the equipment when processing small parts.

4 Choose according to the hole diameter
According to the selection of the hole diameter of the hole, the maximum hole diameter of the conventional CJ ​​series equipment is φ50mm, and the DZC, GZC, GZP series can be processed to the hole diameter of φ90 according to user requirements.

Plate Drilling Machine

5 Select according to the number and accuracy of drilling
High-speed drilling or low-speed drilling can be selected according to the number of holes on the plate and the accuracy of the machining holes. The speed of the high-speed drilling can reach 3000 rpm, which improves the efficiency of drilling and has higher processing accuracy; the speed of the low-speed drilling is 720 rpm.

Users need to pay attention to that, high-speed drills need to be equipped with alloy high-speed drills, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Ordinary drills can choose standard twist drills, which are economical and practical.

Whether the control system supports the ERP system, all the CNC equipment produced by Bystronic provides ERP system interfaces, which can read the ERP plan in real time, and report the processing data to the ERP system in real time to improve the responsiveness of the plan.

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