How to Check the Control Circuit of the CNC Angle Steel Drilling Machine

The CNC angle drilling machine is an iron tower production line used for angle drilling, marking and cutting. After the control circuit of the machine is installed, the following items should be checked before power connection.

How to Check the Control Circuit of the CNC Angle Steel Drilling Machine插图
  1. Whether the code names and marks of each component are consistent and complete with those on the schematic diagram;
  2. Whether various safety protection measures are reliable;
  3. Whether the control circuit of the CNC machine meets the various functions required by the schematic diagram;
  4. Whether the installation of each electrical component is correct and reliable, and check whether the resistance value of each component is normal;
  5. Whether the square number of each wire meets the requirements, and whether each terminal is firmly connected;
  6. The wiring is in line with the requirements, neat, and check the insulation resistance between the items;
  7. Whether the color of each button, signal lamp and various circuit insulated wires meets the requirements,
  8. Whether the installation of the motor meets the requirements;
  9. Whether the connection of the protection circuit wires is correct, firm and reliable;
  10. Check whether the insulation resistance of the electric circuit of the angle steel drill meets the requirements;
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