High Speed 8m Tube Sheet CNC Drilling Machine

The 8m x 8m double-head high-speed CNC tube sheet drilling machine ordered by the customer is used to process stainless steel tube-sheet processing. The workpiece with a diameter of 7.6 meters and a thickness of 300mm can be processed at one time.

High Speed 8m Tube Sheet CNC Drilling Machine插图

Tube sheet cnc drilling machine is mainly used in the processing of large-scale flanges, heat exchangers and tube-sheet parts in petroleum, chemical, boiler and other industries, which can save the work of cutting and aligning lines. As long as the correct CAD design drawings are input, 12-spindle automatic continuous drilling can be realized. The machining process is numerically controlled, with high efficiency and precision, convenient programming, simple operation, and is suitable for mass production of various varieties.

If you are interested in CNC tubesheet drilling machines, please feel free to contact Ritec.

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