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H Beam Steel Production Process for Steel Structure Processing

H beam steel is a very important component in the production and processing of steel structures, and it is also a frequently used component. It acts as a steel structure beam and steel structure in the construction of steel structures. It has a wide range of applications. Today we will announce the production process of steel structure H beam steel.

Stakeout, number of materials
When setting out and marking, clearly indicate the assembly mark, the mark of the screw hole, the position and direction of the reinforcing plate, the inclination mark, the centerline reference line and the inspection line. If necessary, make a template.

H Beam Steel Cutting
When cutting the steel plate, use the CNC multi-head cutting machine to remove the rust and other impurities on the cutting surface before cutting it down, keep the cutting parts flat, remove slag and spatter after cutting, and master the use of mechanical equipment when cutting Methods and operating procedures, equipment parameters are adjusted to the best values.


Before assembling the steel plate, the deformed parts should be corrected, and reach the range that meets the control deviation. The contact surface is not free of burrs and other stains. When assembling, the measuring tools used must be accurate.

The welding process shall adopt a portal type automatic submerged arc welding machine, and the ribbed plate of the column and beam connecting plate shall be manually welded.

H Beam Steel Drilling

The drilling equipment should use a radial drill. The bolt hole spacing must meet the relevant standards of the “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structures”, and must be inspected with a straight edge or visual inspection.


The equipment used in the correction is a flange straightening machine. The operator should be familiar with the process content and be proficient in the operating procedures of the flange straightening machine. After the correction, a self-inspection should be carried out.

End cutting
After the welded steel column beam is corrected, an end milling machine should be used for flat cutting.

Rust removal
H-beam steel must be derusted by shot blasting machine. Shot blasting can improve the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of steel.

Spray paint
After the rust is removed, the inspection is qualified. The first primer is sprayed and then the intermediate paint and topcoat are sprayed. After completion, a quality inspection must be carried out to ensure that each coating meets the process requirements.

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