Difficulties in Processing Stainless Steel Workpieces with CNC Drilling Machines

The CNC drilling machine is the main CNC equipment for processing stainless steel flanges at this stage, and the drill bit also plays an important factor. Finding the right drill will make stainless steel flange machining more effective. Before choosing a drill bit, let’s take a look at what are the difficulties in processing stainless steel workpieces. If you find out the difficulties, you can accurately and quickly find the drill bits used by the CNC flat drilling machine.
What are the difficulties in processing stainless steel flanges?

  1. Easy to stick to the knife: when machining stainless steel, the chips are strong and the cutting temperature is high. When the tough chips flow through the rake face, sticking phenomena such as bonding and welding will occur, which will affect the surface roughness of the workpiece
  2. Severe work hardening: Austenitic stainless steel and some high-temperature alloy stainless steels are all austenitic, and have a large tendency of work hardening during cutting, which is usually several times that of ordinary carbon steel. shorten.
  3. Large cutting force and high cutting temperature: This type of material has high strength, large tangential stress and large plastic deformation during cutting, so the cutting force is large. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the material is extremely poor, which causes the cutting temperature to rise, and the high temperature is often concentrated in the narrow and long area near the cutting edge, thereby accelerating the damage of the cutting tool.
  4. Fast tool wear: The above-mentioned materials generally contain elements with high melting point, high plasticity, and high cutting temperature, which accelerates tool wear, frequent tool sharpening and tool replacement, which affects production efficiency and increases tool cost.
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