Cnc Plate Drilling Machine For Processing Pressure Vessel Tube Sheets缩略图

Cnc Plate Drilling Machine For Processing Pressure Vessel Tube Sheets

The size of the pressure vessel tube plate itself ranges from 2 to 8 meters, and the required cnc plate drilling machine gantry span is long and the drilling diameter is relatively large, maybe the user needs not only drilling, but also tapping and milling, so there is also a requirement for the rigidity and stability of the CNC surface drill, and the PMD series surface drill can meet these requirements.

PMD3030 gantry mobile high-speed cnc plate drilling machine can realize drilling, tapping and milling of plate workpieces.It is equipped with BT50 internal cooling rigid precision spindle, which can not only clamp carbide internal cooling drill bits for drilling High-speed steel twist drills can also be used for external cooling drilling, with a maximum drilling diameter of 80mm.

According to the user’s drilling hole type, this high-speed drilling machine can also be equipped with a tool magazine, automatic tool change, complete drilling processing of various apertures, save time and increase drilling processing Efficiency, this type of flat drill is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, nuclear power, wind power and other industries.

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