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Cnc Drilling Machine Processing Skills

In the processing of CNC automatic drilling machine, as long as you master the following tips, it will definitely help you work more efficiently and reduce the occurrence of abnormal conditions.

  1. In the drilling process, try to use a short tool handle and install the tool into the tool handle. The advantage of this is that the tool can be fixed to reduce vibration, and at the same time shorten the distance between the spindle and the tool and improve the rigidity of the tool. The end result is better cutting performance.
  2. Choose a high-quality collet, because when the CNC drilling machine is working, the tool will generate vibration and friction. If the clamping force of the clamp is not enough, the tool will not be clamped, which will affect the machining accuracy.
  3. It is very important to use the appropriate speed and feed rate when cutting. For adjusting the cutting conditions of the tool, experience is very valuable. Chatter and vibration may occur, and we cannot completely rely on the tools provided by the tool manufacturer. Given your machining parameters, you may need to vary the rotational speed and feed rate to improve these conditions.
  4. Use tool load monitoring in the CNC drilling machine controller. Tool wear and increased spindle load are the first signs that the cutting performance of the tool is starting to decline. When a new tool is at peak performance, detect and record the spindle load on the tool load monitoring page. With tool load monitoring, a load limit can be defined for each tool and the operator notified to change the tool or insert when the load rises above that limit.

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