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Cable Tray Cold Bending Roll Forming Machines

The application of cable tray cold bending roll forming machines in modern buildings is becoming more and more extensive. Traditional manual production can no longer meet the demand.

The industry urgently needs to invest in automated production lines to increase output/reduce labor to improve product quality and reduce labor intensity. Automatic cable tray roll forming machine / trough type cable tray cold bending forming equipment / export-type cable tray one-time forming production line / heavy-duty cable tray automatic cold bending machine is an automated production line for the production of cable trays.

The application of a new technology, from intelligent , Automation, and product quality have been qualitatively improved!

cable tray cold bending roll forming machines

What are the tutorials for making cable tray cold bending forming machine? 

With the continuous development of bridge technology, the market capacity of cable bridging cold-bending machines is huge, and 90% of industrial enterprises have a clear demand for cable bridging cold-bending machines.

The cable bridge industry is my country’s basic industry. In the past 20 years, my country’s cable bridge industry has grown at an average annual rate of more than 30%.

At present, the total industrial output value of this industry has exceeded 30 billion yuan, surpassing the United States and becoming the world’s largest cable bridge producer. With the continuous innovation of technology, the company has also strengthened the quality management of the cable bridge, thereby further improving its production process, creating favorable conditions for the development of the industry, and bringing convenience and benefits to the construction of cables and the installation of cables. .

Main categories of bridge making tutorials: including bridge book video formula calculation size, calculation of hypotenuse and angle, elbow drawing and cutting, bridge up and down climbing elbow, horizontal elbow, horizontal and vertical elbow production, 45 degree elbow production, Horizontal 90-degree elbow, 90-degree elbow composed of two 45-degree bends, two large and small bridge elbows, bridge three-way production, bridge four-way, vertical bridge elbow, and bridge installation.

cold bending forming machine

2.Process flow of our automatic cable tray roll forming machine:   

Uncoiling-leveling-feeding-intelligent stamping-fixed-length hydraulic cutting-conveying platform-roll forming-receiving device; and electrical control system  Introduction to the advantages of the automatic cable tray roll forming machine:   
(1)Various specifications of cable trays with 100mm≤steel coil≤800mm can be completed according to production needs.  
(2)Intelligent stamping system production speed: 15~25m/min.  
(3)The continuous forming speed of roll forming equipment: 10-16m minutes.
(4)The production line is divided into automatic and manual operation modes, which can realize linkage and segmented operation.

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