Application of CNC Beam Drilling in Construction Steel Structure Industry

The construction steel structure industry is equipped with a cnc three-dimensional drilling machine. It is recommended to choose according to actual needs, or if you consider future plant or order upgrades, you can choose a high-speed three-dimensional drilling machine, high-speed corner band sawing machine, and H-beam CNC locking milling machine. Structural secondary processing production line.

Application of CNC Beam Drilling in Construction Steel Structure Industry插图

SWZ700 H-beam cnc drilling machine adopts the structure of fixed bed and moving workpiece. It can process steel with a maximum width of 700mm and a maximum height of 400mm. The drilling diameter range is 12.5-30mm. The bed of this type of drilling machine is made of sufficiently strong It is made of welded steel plates. The drilling machine with this structure is suitable for three-sided drilling of medium and small H-shaped steel. It is convenient for continuous production and has a high degree of automation.
The SWZ series CNC beam drilling machine adopts three points to control the CNC axis, one CNC detection axis and three drilling spindles with frequency conversion and stepless speed change, controlled by PLC, with high precision and convenient operation, and has become the quality assurance in the steel structure manufacturing industry. essential efficient equipment.

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