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Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine

The automatic production line of angle steel is mainly used for iron tower production in power transmission and transformation industry and metal structure factory. According to the parameters entered in advance, it can automatically complete marking, punching and fixed length cutting (the same function as cut to length machine)on the two right angle sides of angle steel.

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The CNC angle steel production line has the functions of marking, punching and cutting angle steel. The punching unit of the production line adopts a closed body, which is more stable and safe. Two punching units can punch two sides of the angle steel respectively. Each punching unit contains three punching die positions. Angle steel can process three different apertures through the punching unit, and the punching unit uses hydraulic pressure as punching tool The maximum punching force can reach 1000KN.

The Angel steel cutting machine of the production line also adopts the closed structure. In order to ensure the processing effect, the double-edged cutting method is adopted at present, and the maximum shear force can reach 1540kn.

The angel steel marking machine of the production line can be equipped with four different characters at one time for automatic processing in the production process.

The punching force is 1200kN, and the printing effect can ensure that the angle steel can still be clearly visible after painting or galvanizing.

Characteristic of CNC Angle Punching Line

1.Specificity: Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line has the characteristics of mass production.


Worked as angel steel punching machine it is suitable for punching different hole diameters on angle steels of different specifications, and three kinds of punches of different specifications can be placed on the same punching unit.

Integration of machinery, electricity and hydraulic.

Worked as Angle Steel Shearing machine,it can cut the steel to certain length.

Worked as Angle Steel marking machine,it can mark characters to the steel.

All these machine combined together to work as a angel steel processing line.

3.Computer control and high degree of automation, and the precision of parts reaches the relevant standard of GB2694-81 “technical conditions for manufacturing transmission line tower”.

CNC Angle Punching Shearing Marking Line Advantages

Angle Steel Feeding, Angle Steel marking, Angle Steel punching, Angle Steel cutting, sorting and stacking are all automatic, with good precision and high production efficiency.

The computer is used to optimize the layout, and the material utilization rate is high.

The punch is easy to replace.

The communication between the upper computer (commercial computer) and the lower computer (programmable logic controller) is reliable, and the programming is simple.

CNC Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Application

The automatic CNC Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine

 is a kind of production line for power tower, which can be used in the hole punching of angle steel of electricity transformation tower and the production of components in metal structure factory.

The production line is composed of angel steel transverse feeding table, overturning feeding unit, feeding channel, numerical control car, angel steel marking unit, angel steel punching unit, angel steel shearing unit, sorting channel, equipped with hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical control system, etc

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The following is an explanation of each component.

The Angle Line Parts

1. Marking carriage 

It is used to support the marking unit body, on which two guide rails can be used for the body to slide. A typing cylinder is installed to push and pull the machine body to select the typing position or feeding position.

2. Marking Body Unit

The Marking utility model is provided with a typing structure, which can be divided into open type and closed type. It is equipped with a four bit word box selection cylinder and a word box disk, and has four module positions for selection.

3. Punching and pressing Unit

The connecting rod swing pressing structure is adopted, which has large pressing force and can firmly locate the angel steel.

4. Punching master cylinder

The ange steel punching master cylinder is installed on the side plate of the fuselage, and a punch pressure head is installed on the piston of the cylinder to drive the punch rod to move. The punch rod can slide on the punching die base, and a female die is arranged under the die base.

5. Shearing fuselage

The shearing cylinder is installed on the upper plane of the inner frame of the fuselage, and the cutting part is installed on the lower plane of the inner frame of the fuselage.

With powerful shearing and cutting powered by the angel steel shearing and cutting machine,the Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line is good to process angel steel.

6. Tool loading mechanism

The upper blade mounted on the upper blade and the lower blade mounted on the lower blade cut off the workpiece under the action of the oil cylinder.

7. Die position selection device

The die position selection device is installed on the punch head, which is composed of cylinder, pad block and pneumatic valve group, and the cushion block is pushed out or pulled back by the cylinder. When the pad is pushed over the punch bar, the press head presses the punch rod to complete the punch hole; when the pad is pulled back to the back position, the punch rod is empty, and the die position cannot punch.

8. Servo feed device

The servo feed device is used to control the feed of angle steel in the direction of alignment. It is mainly composed of sliding plate, precision ball screw and servo motor.

Electrical part:

 The angle steel production line is equipped with upper computer, and special workpiece programming and system control software are installed to complete angle steel workpiece programming, machine operation monitoring, fault inspection, etc.

·  Taking PLC as the control core, the three-axis CNC module is configured to form the position control loop together with X, a and b-axis servo, which makes PLC and NC integrated and greatly improves the reliability and flexibility of the system.
3, X, A and B axis drive uses AC brushless servo motor to ensure fast and accurate positioning and maintenance free. The positioning speed of a-axis and b-axis is 10m / min, and the no-load positioning accuracy is ± 0.02mm. The positioning speed of x-axis is 50M / min, and the no-load positioning accuracy is ± 0.2mm.

·  The programming software has many functions and is easy to learn. It can be programmed and arranged. The workpiece graph can be displayed on the screen in real time and the program can be checked.

·  The angle steel line control system can directly convert the angle steel line workpiece program generated by lofting software. In this way, the user can omit the programming process of the workpiece program, and directly copy the workpiece program generated by the lofting software to the upper computer of the angle steel line with floppy disk or through the network.

·  The control software monitors the operation of the machine at any time. When there is a fault, the screen will display the detailed fault causes and treatment methods, which greatly saves the maintenance downtime.

·  Both the front and back ends of the angle steel line have the function of cutting free processing (that is, both the front and back ends are set to 0 mm, and the system will no longer issue cutting instructions, which is suitable for the customized fixed length angle steel processing).

Angle Steel Punching Line Production Process

1. Feeding

The workpiece is manually hoisted to the platform behind the horizontal feed table, where the workpiece is placed, waiting for the Angle Steel Punching Line to load and process.

2. Horizontal feed.

The CNC system issues an instruction, and the material table deceleration motor rotates to drive the material table sprocket to rotate, and the quick-shifting workpiece installed on the chain moves laterally on the wear-resistant nylon plate. Finally, it falls into the V-shaped groove with the vertex down and waits to be flipped.

3. Flanging.

The CNC system sends an instruction, the long axis of the turning frame is driven by the turning gear motor to rotate, and the feeding claw is driven to rotate around the axis by the turning chain. , turn and put into the feed path.

4, CNC feeding.

After the workpiece is put into the feed channel, the jaws at the front end of the clamp bar of the CNC trolley clamp the workpiece into the cylinder. The CNC trolley is controlled by the CNC system to push the workpiece to realize CNC feeding.

5. Printing.

The typed workpiece is sent to the set position, the typed body falls to the typing position, the selection cylinder of the word box pushes the specified word box to the typed position under the control of the system, and the characters are pressed down by the typing cylinder. The head is pressed against the workpiece.

6. Punch holes.

The Angle Punching Line has two punching units arranged on both sides with three die positions on each side. Each module has a set of mold base devices, which are equipped with punches, punches and die, and various mold base devices must be installed before processing. The CNC system sends out an instruction, the pressing oil cylinder moves, the pressing mechanism presses the workpiece, the selected die position is pushed by the cylinder to the punch rod, and the punch is pressed under the master cylinder to press the hole on the selected die position, and the rest Since there is no spacer, the blank line of the punch rod cannot be punched.

7. Cut

After punching the specified hole on a workpiece according to the program, the CNC trolley pushes the workpiece to the specified position, cuts the oil cylinder, cuts the workpiece with the upper knife and lowers the workpiece, and completes a finished product.

8. Discharge

The CNC system issues an instruction to sort the forehearth cylinder to work, lift one side of the forehearth, and complete the blanking of the workpiece.

Angle Punching Shearing Line FAQs and Solutions

Problem 1. Duplicate holes appear during Angle Punching Line operation

It’s because the hole spacing is wrong.

 First check whether the coupling of the external encoder of the feeding trolley is locked.

Whether the external encoder is interfered by other power sources, whether the motor power line is aging, and whether it needs to be replaced;

After checking the above two situations, Angle Cutting Machine performs empty car positioning measurement, and the X-axis trolley moves forward (or backward, depending on the position of the feeding trolley on the material path) at an interval of 2m (or other distances), and measure the actual travel distance. Whether the distance is consistent with the set distance, and if the difference is regular, modify the pulse equivalent. If the change of the distance is irregular, the external interference is large, and the shielding layer of the external encoder needs to be grounded.

Question 2. In the case of automatic operation of Angle Punching Machine, the number of steps repeats 0 and 1, and the first hole is repeatedly punched in a cycle.

It is because the lifting/falling of the trolley clamp plays the role of clearing the count, so we need to check the following points:

The travel switch of the clamp lifting/falling;

The switch button and its circuit for lifting/lowering the clamp of the mobile button station;

The switch button and its circuit for lifting/lowering the clamp of the operating table;

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