Advantages Of CNC Plate Drilling Machine

The CNC gantry drilling machine is controlled by a computer system. The most important thing in drilling is the positioning accuracy of the hole. The positioning speed and positioning accuracy of the drilling machine cannot be achieved manually.

The general positioning accuracy is between 0.05mm-0.1mm. According to the operation of the computer, the flange CNC drilling machine strictly follows the automatic positioning and automatically adjusts to the appropriate cutting speed according to different diameters.

This kind of CNC drilling processing method is widely used in various fields, and its obvious advantages are favored by everyone.

CNC drilling equipment reduces the manual traditional hole positioning method. With the help of skilled workers to draw the line according to the drawing, and then use hand drill or magnetic drill to drill the positioning hole, the operation efficiency is low and the deviation is relatively large. Nowadays, the application of CNC tubesheet drilling machine only needs to enter the actual parameters according to the computer, and according to the correct CAD design drawing, use technical equipment to find three points on the product workpiece, and then the automatic continuous large-diameter machining of the milling rotary table can be completed. The convenience of operation has been improved, ensuring the high precision and stability of the company’s products.

The advantages of CNC plate drilling machine are reflected in the processing of large diameter holes.

The machine is characterized by automatic CNC positioning for large-diameter holes. Large-diameter holes can be formed in one process without secondary drilling. Compared with traditional manual positioning, drilling is much more accurate.

High precision

In terms of processing accuracy, the variability caused by artificial hole processing is high. When the deviation is too large, it is very easy to cause damage to the product workpiece and cause losses to the company. The plane drilling machine uses numerical control positioning, the positioning accuracy of the hole can be within +0.1mm, and the manufactured products meet the requirements of flat processing.

High energy efficiency

The machine is relatively more efficient in manhole hole processing. The numerical control plane drilling adopts the frequency conversion numerical control processing method, the drilling efficiency is higher than that of manual labor, and the product quality and precision of the product are also enhanced. Manhole hole processing is not only inefficient, but also has many and complicated processing processes, the accuracy of products is low, and the product quality is not very good.

Good economic benefits

The economic benefit of CNC machine is also far higher than that of traditional artificial hole processing. In the case of CNC surface drilling machine processing, two labor costs are saved. Such a processing method can be carried out in only 0.5 hours. Work efficiency and the company’s economic benefits are enhanced. The traditional manhole processing, line drawing, punching and positioning of samples, drilling and milling can all be done by one person. As a whole, it can be estimated that it takes 3 hours to process a cylinder.

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