Advantages of CNC Beam Drilling Machine Using CNC Trolley Feeding

CNC beam drilling machine is a fully automatic processing production line used in the steel structure industry (such as three-dimensional garages, steel structure buildings, bridges, railways, etc.) for three-sided drilling of H-shaped steel and channel steel. The high degree of automation is also another huge advantage of the production line.

Ritec, as a high-tech enterprise with rich experience in the research and development, manufacturing and production of CNC drilling machines in China, believes that the advantages of using CNC trolley feeding in the beam drilling machine production line are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. The CNC trolley feeding system used by the CNC drilling machine adopts the rack and pinion transmission feeding method, and the structure is simpler, which not only saves the production cost of the feeding system, but also facilitates installation and later maintenance of the manufacturer.

2. The feeding trolley is driven by a high-precision reducer, and the driving motor can easily transport heavy workpieces to the CNC three-dimensional drilling machine for accurate positioning, and greatly reduce the movement of the workpiece along the conveying direction during the drilling process, which improves the processing precision.

3. In the actual production process, often due to the distortion and deformation of the blank H-beam or channel steel after welding, the power clamping and conveying device is often inaccurate or unable to feed the material, which eventually leads to a large deviation in the processing hole distance, which affects the quality and efficiency. . The trolley feeding system adopts the method of loosening the clamping device during feeding and clamping the workpiece when drilling, which completely solves the problem of difficult feeding of deformed workpieces.

4. The CNC trolley feeding system has the function of automatic parking and alarm when blocked, which improves the safety and reliability of the workpiece during transportation to a certain extent

Therefore, Ritec believes that the feeding method of the H-beam cnc drilling machine is the most suitable feeding method. What is your opinion on this? Welcome to discuss with us.

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